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NEITS Call for Speakers and Presentations


New England ITS is launching their 2021- 2022 Lunch and Learn Speaker Series:


NEITS is planning on hosting 10 events this year - all of which are also available virtually

  • Vendor Showcases - NEITS provides 4 vendors 15 minutes each to cover their latest products

  • Remote Presentations - NEITS invites a speaker to discuss an aspect of ITS for 45-50 minutes. This may include a remote tour of a TMC or other facility

  • Live presentations from the RIDOT TMC or a similar venue - these are the same vendor presentations, but hosted in Rhode Island


John Colangelo

Traffic Options LLC

Job opportunities and requests

MassDOT has released a RFP for a Statewide Integrated Transportation Management System (bid #BD-23-1030-CPO1-CPO1-79317).

Summary: MassDOT is currently seeking to acquire a Statewide Integrated Transportation Management System (ITMS) software to replace its existing Highway Operations Center (HOC) software. The mission of the HOC is to provide a reliable and sustained means of monitoring state roadways, tunnel networks, and facilities to ensure public safety. The proposed ITMS will work in conjunction with the HOC to achieve this objective.  

The ITMS role will be to function as the central traffic, tunnel, and facility management software used to manage and respond to incidents on the Commonwealth's roadway network and tunnels. The proposed ITMS will replace and/or integrate with the existing standalone systems at the HOC. 

Click here to learn more:

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