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Call for Abstracts




NEITS 2023 Annual Interchange

Thursday, September 7, 2023

Boston, MA



Should ITS Mean "Improved Transportation Safety"? - A Noble and Renewed Emphasis




With all the proven experience and promise/potential of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) to improve transportation efficiency, reliability, and system-user mobility, it can be easy for ITS industry practitioners to overlook the safety ramifications of ITS and the immense potential they hold for saving the lives of any and all types of transportation system users, including those that are most vulnerable (e.g., pedestrians, bicyclists, persons with disabilities, the elderly, etc.). This year's Annual Interchange is intended to highlight a theme of improving safety via ITS, with presentations sought from academia, public, and private parties showcasing ITS research, projects, and products that are helping move the needle towards the so far elusive goal of zero fatalities and severe injuries. 


NTSB Chair Jennifer Homendy’s sobering but refreshing plenary session presentation at the September 2022 ITS World Congress in Los Angeles highlighted and flagged the large gap that exists with the use of intelligent technologies to significantly reduce the number of transportation-associated fatalities and injuries occurring across the nation and the world. Although there are several reasons why the number of fatalities and severe injuries haven't yet been reduced to levels that practitioners and the public can truly find acceptable, thankfully there are technology-based steps and initiatives being taken and ITS solutions being offered and developed in New England and beyond that can and will help IOO's move closer to their ultimate goal of Zero Fatalities. 


Following are some example topics for which Abstracts are sought, but because traffic safety often is influenced or directly related to system efficiency and mobility, papers/presentations on anything related to ITS are welcome for consideration:


  • Emerging and cutting-edge ITS technologies and their capacity or actual experience to/with improving system safety performance

  • ITS advancements focusing on improved vulnerable road user and/or public transit safety and efficiency

  • CAV/V2X technologies and impacts on safety, with real-world/on-road experiences highly desirable 

  • The unintended but important potential or real detrimental effects and consequences of emerging ITS technologies on system user safety, and how such are being addressed or mitigated

  • Ways in which ITS is benefiting or supporting improved safety as part of ‘traditional’ DOT infrastructure projects and activities 

  • Recent advancements and experiences with work zone ITS and data exchange

  • Ways in which ITS is helping ensure equity in transportation development and operations



Please send all abstracts to Carol Schweiger at

Deadline: June 30th, 2023

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