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Hello Academics!

One of NEITS' objectives is to engage students in the region with interests in the field of ITS. NEITS facilitates the introduction of transportation students with industry representatives in various ways. We need your fresh ideas and you will soon be entering the workforce - perfect fit! 


Apart from membership, NEITS has three ways of engaging students. 


  • ITS Lunch and Learns - NEITS conducts a Lunch & Learn series each year where an industry professional presents on a topic relevant to the region. We allow students to give a 5-10 minute presentation/Q&A at the beginning of each of the lunch and learn sessions that are held in Boston and Concord. This allows students to engage the transportation community and provide them with exposure to the vendors presenting on that day. 

  • Annual Meeting - We are devoting an entire session of the annual meeting to present student work in the field of ITS. During this session, several students will be permitted to give a short presentation on a project they are working on, followed by a Q&A session. In addition, NEITS allows students to present posters at each annual meeting in parallel with the sessions and networking periods. 

  • NEITS Joseph Sussman Student Scholarship sponsored by Liddell Brothers Inc. - Every year NEITS recognizes student(s) who have made outstanding contributions to the field of ITS by awarding scholarship(s) and sponsored* participation at the NEITS Annual Interchange.

           Scholarship Winners List


If you are interested in presenting at the Lunch & Learn sessions, contact John Colangelo of Traffic Options at


If you are interested in presenting at NEITS' Annual Meeting, contact Sushma Srinivas at

*Conditions apply. Sponsorship varies and is decided on a case by case basis by the Scholarship Committee.

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