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2019 NEITS Annual Interchange Presentations


DSRC Deployment for Early Adopters - WSP

Probe Vehicle Data for Arterial Performance Monitoring - Greg Jordan

DSRC Radio Deployment Testing - John Egger

Cyber Risks to Transportation Systems...and How to Mitigate Them - Rick Tiene


RIDOTs TSMO Program - Catherine Burns & Deanna Peabody


Statewide Connectivity - HNTB

GTFS-FLEX-Flexible Trip Planner - VDOT

After Action Review of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Snooper Truck Incident - Greg Jordan


Mobility As a Service: Can it improve access in rural areas? - Carol Schweiger Consulting

Little Roady - Russell Holt

Introduction to StreetLight Data - Paul Ruggeri


2018 NEITS Annual Interchange Presentations


Ron Thaniel Introduction - ITS America Vice President of Legislative Affairs

Strategic Planning for ITS Technologies - State Panel

Theoretic Method to Efficiency Asses the Vulnerability of a Dynamic Transportation Network

Autonomous Vehicle Mobility Challenge - Julia Gold

Bridge Reconstruction - All Electronic Large Commercial Truck Tolling Program

RIDOT Wrong-Way Driver Mitigation Program

Traffic Incident Management Performance Measures - Nicholas King

Statewide RMS and CAD System - Chief Mello, Police

RI Lessons Learned from 2010 Floods - Joseph A. Bucci

                                           Traffic Incident Management Panel

Kevin Murphy

Mike Wreh

Paul Jodoin

Paul Krisavage

Peter Cusolito

                                                      Afternoon Panel


Use of UAS's at Major Traffic Collisions - Massachusetts State Police

Applications of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) in Ground Transportation - Michael Plotnikov

Traffic Incident Management - Gannett Fleming

NEITS Webinar Series -  Diverse, Accessible, Equitable and Inclusive Technology-Enabled Mobility (4/08/2022)

NEITS Webinar Series - Multimodal Transportation in Post Covid Times (9/29/2021)

2021 Fall Virtual Lunch and Learn Presentations

Vendor Showcase 7 - (10/28/2021)

2017-2018 Lunch and Learn Presentations and Recordings

Autonomous and Connected Vehicles

Emerging world of CV and AV

Innovative Intersection Design

Navigating an Uncertain Legal and Regulatory Path Forward for AV and CV Vehicles

Tolling 101

Traveler Information Systems

Use of Drones in Transportation Engineering

Vendor Showcase 5 - (4/8/2021)

Vendor Showcase 4- (3/4/2021)

Vendor Showcase 3- (1/21/2021)

NEITS-2020 DOT Virtual RoundTable


2020 Fall Virtual Lunch and Learn Presentations

Vendor Showcase 2- Edge v. Core Intelligence (11/19/2020)

Vendor Showcase 1 (10/22/2020)

NEITS Webinar Series -  Crowdsourced Data and Applications for Advancing Operations (3/17/2022)

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